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Call, surf, SMS
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Call, surf, SMS 
at best rates

My Country Offer

For Enhanced tariffs and services customers can opt-in to My Country from their phone and select their preferred country to enjoy special offers to their favorite calling and texting destinations for as low as 4p, with special promotions of up to 25%.

To Subscribe dial *112*1# or call 1225 (+962755551225 or +96265507225 from other networks) for more information.  Rates and Special offers as below:

CountryMy Country Special Price/PiastreSpecial Offer
Egypt 3.5*

Reduced Tarrif

Sri Lanka 10 Reduced Tarrif
Indonesia 5 Reduced Tarrif
Bangladesh 2.5 Reduced Tarrif
China 2.5 Reduced Tarrif
India 2.5 Reduced Tarrif
Madagascar 34 Reduced Tarrif
Malaysia 4 Reduced Tarrif
Myanmar 17 Reduced Tarrif
Nepal 8 Reduced Tarrif
Pakistan 10 Reduced Tarrif
Philippines 9 Reduced Tarrif
Syria 9.5 (with a special discount to Turkey Land 8, Turkey mobile 13, Iraq 13) Reduced Tarrif
Yemen 10.5  Reduced Tarrif


*3.5 Piasters for Vodafone,8 piasters for Egypt Etisalat, 8 piasters for Orange Egypt, 7 piastre to Egypt Land Line


**The offer is subject to terms and conditions.