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Call, surf, SMS 
at best rates


Monthly 15GB plan:

3GB + 12GB from 11 pm to 4 am for 30 days for RO 12 only.

Monthly 6GB plan:

6GB of data for 30 days for RO 15 only.

Monthly 3GB plan:

3GB of data for 30 days for RO 9.9 only.


Never run out of data! Add an extra 1GB or 200 MB to your existing plan and continue enjoying mobile internet.

  • Activate from self-care CLICK HERE >
  • You can buy as many Extra 1GB/200MB as you want.


  • In case the 6GB or the 3GB is consumed, you will be charged a special rate per MB for extra usage without the Extra 1GB/200MB add on plan.
  • To check the rate details for any of the above plans CLICK HERE >
  • To check the remaining data of your existing plan dial: *125#
  • All the above plans will renew automatically except the Extra 1GB/200MB plan. However, you can stop the renewal anytime by sending an SMS to 91111 with the keyword 'STOP'.
  • The Extra 1GB/200MB will not be renewed automatically.
  • The Extra 1GB/200MB will follow the validity date of your current internet plan.