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Call, surf, SMS
at best rates

Call, surf, SMS 
at best rates


500 Bz 100 MB 200 MB (7pm - 6am)
Unlimited *320*1#
RO 1 250 MB 500 MB (7pm - 6am)
Unlimited *320*2#
RO 3 1 GB 2 GB (7pm - 6am)
RO 5 2 GB 4 GB (7pm - 6am)
Unlimited *320*4#
RO 7 3 GB 6 GB (7pm - 6am) Unlimited *320*5#
RO 13 7 GB 14 GB (7pm - 6am) Unlimited *320*6#

UNLIMITED VALIDITY means that your data, minutes or SMS will not expire as long as your SUPER SIM is active.
  • * RAMADHAN BONUS DATA will be valid until 30th June 2019.
  • You get to enjoy this offer if you activate one of the above plans before 10th June 2019.
  • If you have Auto Re-buy ON, once your data is used up, your data plan will renew automatically to protect you from higher Pay-As-You-Go rates. To manage your Auto re-buy settings dial *130*1#
  • To add more data dial *350*1#
  • Data usage without data allowance (Pay-As-You-Go) is 10 Bz/MB
  • To check your data balance dial *220#


These amazing new data plans are only available on the new FRiENDi mobile Super SIM where you will have the choice to keep your number or choose a new number when you get the Super SIM activated. Go to the nearest SIM selling shop and get your new FRiENDi mobile Super SIM for FREE!


The Unlimited Validity feature is a limited time offer. Hurry and get a Super SIM to not miss out!

Need information on the old FRiENDi mobile plans? Click here.