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Call, surf, SMS
at best rates

Call, surf, SMS 
at best rates


Surf the internet, make calls or send an SMS. Everything for less.

 PlanFee (RO)DurationIncludes
To activate
Super 3 3 30 days 1GB (600 MB Night) + 30 Local minutes + 30 Local SMS *601#
Super 5 5 30 days 600 MB + 60 Local minutes
Super 7 7 30 days 2.5GB (1500 MB Night) + 60 Local minutes + 60 Local SMS

  • To check the remaining data and plan validity dial: *250#
  • Night timings are from 11:00 pm to 4:00 am.
  • You will receive the Repurchase Bonus on buying the Super Plan within validity & also if your plan's auto re-buy option is ON.
  • When buying a data plan, we recommend to turn auto re-buy ON for the best mobile data experience. To manage auto re-buy settings, dial *130*1#
  • You can change your existing All-in-1 plan at any time by dialing the activation code of the plan you wish to buy.
  • Extra call and SMS usage charges: On completion of included minutes or SMSs within the plan validity, you will be charged 25 Bz/minute for all local calls and 10 Bz/SMS for all local SMSs.
  • You will be charged 10 Bz/MB for extra usage after you have finished your plan's MB balance, or dial *200# to purchase data add-ons.
  • On plan expiry, you will be charged PAYG rates of 50 Bz/MB. To manage PAYG data settings, dial *340#