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Join and getamazing mobile plans


FRiENDi mobile is committed to helping you enjoy great quality local and international calls at the best rates. So, if you’re calling friends and loved ones, surfing the web or even sending an SMS, you can have the best mobile experience with complete peace of mind.

Value Added Services

Not only is FRiENDi mobile is easy to use, and lets you stay in control of your mobile budget, you have access to many other services just within a few clicks on your mobile.

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Self-Service Codes

FRiENDi mobile makes your experience exceptional by offering great services which makes your day to day communication hassle free. Manage your FRiENDi mobile SIM using our simple and easy to remember self-service codes.

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You may also check our special rates. FRiENDi mobile helps you to save money on your calls, internet and SMS.

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