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FRiENDi mobile products and services help you to keep in touch with the world at the best rates! Make calls around the world, text friends and loved ones wherever they are located and stay connected online through your mobile or PC at extremely low rates!

  • Standard plan

    Once you activate your FRiENDi mobile SIM, you get to enjoy the FRiENDi mobile standard plan, which is the default rate plan. The FRiENDi standard plan provides you with a reduced tariff all day to FRiENDi numbers and during off-peak hours to other local networks.

    Destination Off-peakPeak
    To all FRiENDi mobile users 0.039 Bz/ Min
    0.039 Bz/ Min
    Other local calls 0.039 Bz/ Min
    0.055 Bz/ Min

    • Off-peak hours: 8 pm to 6 am (Saturday - Thursday and all day Friday)

    • Peak hours: 6 am to 8 pm (Saturday - Thursday)

    • All calls are rated per full minute.

  • Local Call Plans

    Call anywhere in Oman at the best rates.

    10 Bz FRiENDi to FRiENDi
    All FRiENDi numbers
    10 Bz/Min
    500 Bz
    30 days
    25 Bz weekly call plan All local calls 25 Bz/Min RO 1 7 days
    25 Bz monthly call plan
    All local calls
    25 Bz/Min
    RO 3
    30 days

    • To activate this plan from your mobile dial: *410#
    • For the best call plan experience we recommend to turn auto re-buy ON. You can change this option anytime by dialling *130*2#
    • On call plan expiry, you will be charged standard call rates.