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With FRiENDi mobile, you can be sure that you are getting the best rates so you can make calls around the world, text your friends and loved ones wherever they are located, and enjoy low cost internet services. So go on, find out how low our rates are here.

  • Starter pack

    Get the new starter pack for only RO 2 and get RO 1 free credit and 1 GB data plan free.

    When you... ...You get
    Activate your SIM RO 1 FREE
    Recharge for RO 1 or more Monthly 1GB plan FREE
    Buy 1st monthly data plan RO 1 FREE
    • To check your starter pack balance simply dial: *260# 
    • 1GB plan includes 300 MB + 700 MB night.
    • 1GB plan is valid for 30 days
    • The free data & credit will only be available within 90 days from activation date.
    • Offer valid until 23 May 2017.


    To buy a FRiENDi starter pack, you can visit FRiENDi mobile’s shop in Al-Asalah building, kiosks in the Oman Avenues Mall, Muscat City Center or the Muscat International Airport. The starter packs are also available in thousands of stores across the Sultanate of Oman. To find the nearest store please CLICK HERE.


  • Data

    Connect to the internet from your mobile from anywhere!


    The PAYG data service is not set by default on your SIM to avoid data usage when your handset is not in use or is set to recieve automatic updates.

     PlanData included
    To activate/deactivate
    Pay As You Go 0 Anytime 0.4 Bz/ 10 KB *145#
    • PAYG data service will be turned on automatically once you activate your first data plan.
    • After the first data plan expires, you will be able to continue using internet at PAYG rate of 0.4 Bz/ 10 KB.
    • You can switch the PAYG data service ON/OFF anytime by dialing the above USSD code.
    • Once a data plan is again activated, PAYG data service gets switched ON again.


    To try one of our amazing data plans please CLICK HERE.

  • Data add-ons

    Extra data add-on

     Never run out of data! Add extra data add-ons to your existing plan and continue enjoying internet.

     Add On
    Data included
    TimingFee (RO)
    To activate
    Extra 200MB 200 MB All day 1 *200#
    Extra 1GB
    1 GB
    All day 5 *200#


    • To check the remaining data and current plan validity dial: *125#
    • All data add-ons will follow the validity date of your current internet plan.
    • You can buy as many data add-ons as you want.
    • The data add-ons will not be automatically renewed.
    • If you choose to upgrade to a higher plan the remaining MBs in your current plan will expire and not be carried forward to the upgraded plan.
    • Once you have consumed all the included MBs in the plan and the add-on you will be charged as per the plan’s extra MB charges.
  • Local calls

    Call anywhere in Oman at the best rates.

    10 Bz FRiENDi to FRiENDi
    All FRiENDi mobile numbers
    10 Bz/min
    500 Bz
    30 days
    25 Bz Weekly call plan All local calls 25 Bz/min RO 1 7 days
    25 Bz Monthly call plan
    All local calls
    25 Bz/min
    RO 3
    30 days

    • To activate this plan from your mobile dial: *410#
    • For the best call plan experience we recommend to turn auto re-buy ON. You can change this option anytime by dialling *130*2#
    • On call plan expiry, you will be charged standard call rates.


    Standard prices (without the 10 Bz or 25 Bz call plan):

    Off-peak: 8:00 pm to 6:00 am, Saturday - Thursday and all day Friday

    Peak: 6:00 am to 8:00 pm, Saturday - Thursday

    Destination Off-peakPeak
    All FRiENDi mobile numbers 0.039 Bz/min
    0.039 Bz/min
    All other local numbers 0.039 Bz/min
    0.055 Bz/min

    All calls are rated per full minute.

  • International calls

    Enjoy international off-peak call rates for as low as 39 Bz/ Min (from 6pm to 6am & ALL Friday) to 31 destinations! For more details CLICK HERE


    Best call quality and lowest rates in Oman

    Off-Peak: 8 pm to 6 am, Saturday - Thursday and all day Friday

    Peak: 6 am to 8 pm, Saturday - Thursday


      1st and 2nd minutes 3rd minute onwards
    1st and 2nd minutes 3rd minute onwards
    INDIA 0.084 0.079 0.160 0.156
    PAKISTAN 0.084 0.079 0.174 0.164
    BANGLADESH 0.084 0.079 0.174 0.164
    INDONESIA 0.084 0.074 0.224 0.214
    PHILIPPINES 0.119 0.114 0.200 0.196
    SRI LANKA 0.084 0.079 0.174 0.164
    EGYPT 0.084 0.079 0.160 0.156
    UAE 0.084 0.079 0.136 0.132
    SAUDI ARABIA 0.084 0.079 0.136 0.132

    Calls are rated per full minute.


    Find the rate to your destination

  • SMS

    SMS bundle:
    Get 150 SMS to all local numbers for only RO 1 (valid for 30 days).

    •    To activate the bundle from your mobile dial: *136*4#
    •    To activate the bundle from your self-care CLICK HERE >

    Local standard SMS:
    10 Bz per SMS

    International SMS:
    Lowest International SMS rates in Oman:
    Only 43 Bz per international SMS

    Each message can be up to:
    160 characters in English
    70 characters in Arabic

    Messages that exceed the character limit will be counted as multiple messages.

  • FRiENDi Super

    FRiENDi Super Plan

    Fee (RO)
     Minutes included
    Data included
    Extra MB usage
    Extra minute chargesAuto-renewal bonus
    FRiENDi SUPER 30 days 5 60 Minutes 600 MB 10 Bz/ MB 25 Bz/ min 100 MB

    •    To activate from your mobile dial:*160#
    •    To check the remaining data dial: *124#
    •    The plan will renew automatically and you will receive a loyalty bonus of 100MB.
    •    If you wish to stop the renewal at any time, please send an SMS to 91111 with the keyword ‘STOP’
    •    You can buy extra data add-ons if you have consumed your included MBs.

  • Roaming

    FRiENDi mobile supports seamless roaming in various countries across the globe including all the GCC countries, so you can continue using your mobile hassle free.

    However, if you face any difficulties, kindly dial: *135*00(country code) number#. You should receive a call back shorty after connecting your line with the number you wish to call. It's that simple!

    GCC countries

    Activity Price
    Receive calls 135 Bz
    Local calls 100 Bz
    Calls to Oman 246 Bz
    Calls to other countries 999 Bz
    SMS 31 Bz

    All the other countries

    Activity Price
    Receive calls 499 Bz
    Calls to Oman 499 Bz
    Calls to other countries 999 Bz
    SMS 199 Bz

    All calls are rated per full minute.