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Call, surf, SMS
at best rates

Call, surf, SMS 
at best rates


Find out more about how FRiENDi mobile helps you keep in touch with the world at great local and international rates. Make calls home and around the world, text friends and loved ones wherever they are located, and stay connected online at extremely low rates.

How to get started?

1 SIM and 2 tariff plans

To get you started, you need to buy our great value FRiENDi mobile SIM card and start enjoying our exciting services.

Our starter packs are available across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, in all three regions of Eastern, Central and Western. 

FRiENDi mobile Starter Pack


Included credit

Starter pack including activation fee 25.00 Riyals 20.00 Riyals

The initial credit is valid for 21 days.

The FRiENDi mobile SIM is activated by default on the FRiENDi Prepaid tariff plan.

You can move to the other tariff plan, FRiENDi Data SIM by dialling *113# on your FRiENDi mobile.

To know more about the FRiENDi mobile tariff plans,CLICK HERE.

Our best value tariff plans

Two unique tariff plans catered for your needs

FRiENDi mobile offers you two exciting and unique tariff plans that have been developed to cater for your needs. Choose from any of these tariff plans by dialling *113# on your mobile.

Unlimited validity of your recharge. To know more, please CLICK HERE.

FRiENDi Prepaid


Cheap local and international calls starting from 1 halala per second.

Very cheap data-only packages starting with 50 Riyals for 2 GB.

60 days recharge validity. To know more, please CLICK HERE.

While on FRiENDi Data SIM tariff plan, you can surf the internet at the cheapest rate, send and receive SMS. However, you will not be able to make calls.

Bonus each time you recharge:

  • Up to 200 Riyals BONUS each time you recharge with SAR 100 denomination

  • FREE calls and SMS within FRiENDi mobile network each time you recharge

  • To know more about the Bonus on recharge, please CLICK HERE.

Dial *113# to choose the FRiENDi Data SIM tariff plan.

You can enjoy mobile internet for as low as 1.99 Riyal per day. Dial *108# to activate your mobile internet package. You can also CLICK HERE to go to your Web Self Care to activate your mobile internet package.

Then dial *109# to activate your data-only package. Please make sure you have enough balance to be able to activate your preferred data package.

You can always move to the other tariff plan by dialling *113# on your mobile.

Check our competitive data-only packages.

  • 2 GB, Monthly for 50 Riyals

  • 3 GB, Monthly for 70 Riyals

  • 5 GB, Monthly for 110 Riyals

To change your tariff plan or check your current tariff plan, dial *113# on your mobile.

To know more about the rules on changing your tariff plans, CLICK HERE.