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Call, surf, SMS
at best rates

Call, surf, SMS 
at best rates

How to get started?

1 SIM and 2 tariff plans

To get you started, you need to buy our great value FRiENDi mobile SIM card and start enjoying our exciting services.

Our starter packs are available across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, in all three regions of Eastern, Central and Western. 

FRiENDi mobile Starter Pack


Included credit

Starter pack including activation fee 25.00 Riyals 20.00 Riyals

The initial credit is valid for 21 days.

The FRiENDi mobile SIM is activated by default on the FRiENDi Prepaid tariff plan.

You can move to the other tariff plan, FRiENDi Data SIM by dialling *113# on your FRiENDi mobile.

To know more about the FRiENDi mobile tariff plans, CLICK HERE.