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Call, surf, SMS 
at best rates


If you are on FRiENDi Prepaid tariff plan, you can activate any of the following mobile internet packages.

Usage Allowance

Price in Riyals

30 MB 1 Day 1.99
100 MB 3 Days 4.99
300 MB 7 Days 8.99
750 MB 30 Days 18.99
1.5 GB 30 Days 35.00
3 GB 30 Days 49.99
5 GB 30 Days 59.99
8 GB 30 Days 89.99

You will not be able to surf the internet using your FRiENDi mobile if you have not activated any of our internet packages.

Dial *108# on your mobile to activate your package and to check your package balance.

You can also activate your package or check your package balance by accessing your Web Self Care CLICK HERE.