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Terms and conditions

1. Preamble

 1. These Terms and Conditions have been issued by the Company and approved by the TRC. The Company may amend these terms and conditions, however such amendments shall be subject to TRC's approval, such amendments shall come into force 30 days after announcing them in media or sending a copy of those amendments to the customer unless there was a written objection from the customer to the TRC or to the Company before the end of those 30 days. 

2. These Terms and Conditions have been issued in both Arabic and English language, in case of any difference, the Arabic version shall prevail. 

3. The Company shall provide the services to the Customer according to the License granted to the Company by the TRC. 

4. The Customer acknowledges that he or she has read and understood the Terms and Conditions before signing this Contract; therefore, it is approved and accepted. 

5. The above preamble shall constitute an integral part of this Contract.

2. Definitions

1. The Company: Connect Arabia Telecommunications PSC “ FRiENDi Mobile”, which is a company licensed to provide mobile telephone services. 

2. The Customer: the normal or judicial person, or the one who is authorized to sign on behalf of him/her the Service application form after reading and approving all the terms and conditions set forth below. 

3. The Services: Pre-paid Mobile Telephony Services 

4. The TRC: The Telecommunications Regulatory Commission, established by virtue of the Telecommunications Law No. (13) of 1995. 

5. Telecommunication Law: Telecommunication Law No. (13) of 1995 and its amendments. 

6. Subscription Contract: is the Terms and Conditions and the subscription application form and any other annexes that governs the relation between the parties, upon which the services will be provided. 

7. Subscription Application Form: is the form made pursuant to the Contract, which contains the details of the applicant and the requested services, which should be filled by the Customer to obtain the requested services. 

8. Force Majeure: is an exceptional incident that neither can be foreseen nor prevented which make the implementation of the Company’s contractual obligations impossible. 

9. The Licence: is the agreement or treaty that is signed by and between the TRC and the Company, that allow the Company to provide public telecommunications services with accordance to the Telecommunications Law and other related regulations.

3. Provision of the Service

1. The Company shall provide the service to the Customer by issuing a SIM card and allocating a mobile telephone number whereby the Customer is enabled to utilize the service through prepaid scratch card. 

2. The Company shall connect the Customer with the service within a period not exceeding two working days as of the date of submission of the application form, provided that the telephone device is compatible with the system used by the Company. 

3. The Customer shall be able to utilize the service within the limits of the geographical area covered by cell sites, in accordance with the license granted to the Company by the TRC.

4. A mobile telephone number will be provided to the Customer but this shall not entail any proprietary right over the mobile telephone number assigned for the Customer to utilize. This number may be changed and reassigned in events required by the national numbering plan and/or upon the approval of the TRC, provided that any such change or reassignment shall be notified to the Customer or prior publicized in the appropriate manner. 

5. The Customer hereby recognizes that, due to its very nature the service may vary from time to time, and may be adversely affected by weather conditions, radio interference and the geographical nature of the territory where the mobile phone is used and because of the Force Majeure. 

6. Subject to Clause Ten paragraph (2) below, the Company undertakes to repair defaults whenever they occur in accordance with the conditions of the license.

4. Quality of Service

1. The Company shall do its maximum effort to offer a high quality of service that enables the Customer to benefit from the Services in accordance with the Company’s obligations stipulated in the licence granted to the Company. 

2. The Customer acknowledges and agrees that the Company will not be responsible in any way for any discrepancy or malfunction or failure that may occur to the Service from time to time due to Force Majeure. Also the Company shall not be held responsible to compensate or indemnify the Customer for any loss or damages that occurs from the misuse of the Service and the Customer loses his right to object or to request compensation unless otherwise agreed upon. 

3. The Company undertakes to fix all faults in case it occurs, in accordance with the articles and conditions of its licence, and within a reasonable period. 

4. The company is committed to compensate the customer in the case of Service malfunction or disconnection in proportion with the duration of such malfunction and/or disconnection only if this malfunction and/or disconnection is caused by the company's internal issues (excluding the cases where the Service is disconnected due to maintenance, modifications and expansions on network, provided that the customer is informed in advance within a reasonable period of time), the compensation will be according to mutual agreement between the two parties, such compensation may include for example and not restricted to returning funds or making discounts.

5. Customer’s Obligations

1. The Customer or the authorized person undertakes informing the Company with any updates or modifications to the data related to the subscription. 

2. The Customer undertakes not to use the service for purposes that breaches security, public or morals, or to use the service in a way that violates laws and regulations and regulations in force. 

3. The Customer commits to pay the service tariffs and fees, according to the prices stated in the application form or annexes. 

4. The Customer undertakes to utilize the Services using only handsets approved by the TRC, or the Service will be suspended. 

5. The Customer may not lease, resell or assign his subscription without the prior written consent of the Company. 

6. The Customer must immediately notify the company upon the loss or theft of the SIM card. The Company may accept an oral notification provided that it is followed by a written notification, whereby the Company will de-activate the card and disconnect the service temporarily. The Customer shall bear any costs and/or fees' arising out of the provided service until the Company is notified of the loss or theft of the SIM card. 

7. A lost, stolen or damaged SIM card shall be replaced by the Company upon its notification of such occurrences, provided that the Customer shall pay the replacement fee of the lost, stolen or damaged SIM card on the basis of the prices and tariffs applicable in the Company at such time.

6. Voice Services

1. The Customer may utilize the voice services offered by the Company in accordance with the prices affixed in the tariff schedules. 

2. The Company shall not be responsible for the content of the information provided within such services whereby the source of such information shall remain solely responsible therefore.

7. Services Provided by Customer PIN/Password

1. The Customer acknowledges that any request communicated to the Company through the use of the PIN/password is binding upon the Customer. The Company’s records relating to this matter shall be considered an acceptable evidence, and the Customer may not contest the identity of the person requesting the service, or the payment of amounts for services requested from the Company through the said Customer’s PIN/password.

8. Payment of Charges and Fees

1. The Customer undertakes to pay, prior to connection of the service, the connection fee, if any, and the fees of the additional services chosen by him or her, if any, in accordance with the applicable and publicized prices and tariffs. 

2. The Company shall not increase such prices and tariffs except after publishing such increase, or new charges and fees, in 2 local news papers, at least one month prior to their effective date, provided that these prices and tariffs shall not exceed what is stated in the conditions of the licence or the TRC’s instruction and regulations. In all cases the Company should inform the TRC oF any amendments to the charges or fees. 

3. The Customer shall pay all taxes that are levied by the government and collected by the Company on its behalf. 

4. The records of the Company shall be considered an acceptable evidence of all amounts due by the Customer, unless the Customer definitively establishes that there is an excess.

9. Disconnection of the Service

1. The Company may suspend the service temporarily or entirely in any of the following cases:

a) The service is temporarily suspended in the event of a technical failure, adjustment or maintenance of the system, provided that the customer is notified prior to the suspension, and the service is reconnected as soon as possible without any reconnection fees. 

b) The Customer may request the Company to temporarily suspend the service provided to the Customer settles all his dues. the Company may, as it deems fit, decide to charge a fee for such suspension per the agreement between both parties. 

c) The Service may be suspended entirely for security reasons or public safety, or in case of use or attempt to use the Services in a fraudulent or indecent manner. 

d) The Company has the right to immediately suspend the Services temporarily or indefinitely and entirely or partially in case a written request is submitted by a security and judicial body or by the TRC, and in this case the Company will not be held responsible for compensating the Customer for his loses if any. 

e) In events where there is a deficiency in the consent regarding the contract signed with the Customer.

10. Validity and Termination of the Contract

1. This contract will come into effect as of the date of the activation of the Services and remains effective until terminated in accordance with the conditions herein or upon the request of the Customer. 2. The Company may, at any time, terminate this contract, in any of the following events: a) Death of the Customer, if an individual; and its obligatory bankruptcy in case it is a company unless agreed otherwise.. 

b) When the Customer breaches any of the conditions appearing herein, or contravenes the Telecommunications Law in force, and is thereafter notified of such breach or contravention.

c) Where a nuisance arises from the phone and the necessary legal recourse was taken with the relevant official authorities as per the applicable laws and regulations. 

d) If the Company finds that any of the information provided by the Customer in the subscription application is incorrect, or if the Customer fails to provide the Company with such documents as are necessary for the proper promulgation of the subscription contract. 

e) Upon bankruptcy or obligatory liquidation of the Company or cancellation or suspension of the license granted by the TRC or by its successors for any reason. In case of voluntary liquidation, the Company should inform the Customers about the decision, and the liquidation process shall not start until a 2 month period has lapsed from the date of informing the Customers of the liquidation decision.

11. Limitation of Liability

It is agreed that the Company will not be held accountable by reason of Force Majeure 1. The Company will not be responsible for any loss or damage suffered by a Customer by reason of fault in his mobile, the delay of a call of his or any suspension or deficiency of the service.

12. Complaints and Dispute and Conflicts Resolution

1. A toll free phone number and an email will be designated for receiving complaints and Customer Service, any complaint shall be considered and answered as soon as possible. In case of proved financial claim or problems related to the quality of service provided to the Customer, fast track procedures should take place to refund any amount due within a period of one month from the date of complaint. The Company shall receive any complaint from the Customer, and after that the section or person appointed by the Company will commence to resolve the problem as soon as possible.

 2. This contract shall be governed by the prevailing laws and regulations of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, kingdom's courts have the authority and jurisdiction to look in all disputes and disagreements that may arise from the interpretation or implementation of any of the terms and conditions mentioned in this contract, the customer has the right to refer to the TRC regarding disputes related to the quality of Service and/or for the purpose of solving any disputes or disagreement related to any of the terms and conditions of this contract. 3. The Company commits to resolve all complaints submitted by the Customer, taking into consideration the rights of both parties according to the articles of this Contract.

13. Grace Period and Termination of the subscription

1. In this Section the term “prepaid Usage” means either (a) making an outgoing call or (b) sending an SMS message (c) effecting a number change. 

2. The Customer may contact the Company at any time during normal office hours to terminate the contract. 

3. The Customer account remains valid unless terminated at the request of the Customer or may be automatically suspended during service and ended in the following manner: a) If there is no Chargeable Usage of the Customer account for any continuous three (3) month period then your number will automatically enter a “Grace Period” of a further one (1) month. 

b) During the Grace Period – until such time as you recharge your account - you will NOT be able to make outgoing calls. You will only be able to receive calls or to recharge your account. If no fresh recharge has occurred by the end of the Grace Period your number will automatically enter a “Preservation Period” of an additional one (1) month period. 

c) During the Preservation Period – until such time as you recharge your account - you will NOT be able to either receive calls or make outgoing calls (but you may recharge your account). If no fresh recharge of your account has occurred by the end of the Preservation Period your number and account will be terminated and your number may be reallocated to another customer.

14. General 

1. The Company is entitled to reject an application submitted by any Customer unless all amounts due by that Customer are paid, and it may reject it if it is established that the Customer was not committed to settling payment under other subscriptions after their due date. 

2. The Company undertakes to keep the Customer’s information confidential and not to disclose any information, unless approved by the Customer, or any information which has to be given in response to a request from an official security and/or Judicial entities and/or an official request from the TRC. 

3. Any forbearance or tolerance on the part of the Company in the execution of the provisions of this contract shall not be considered to be a waiver of any of its rights hereunder. 

4. This contract shall be considered binding upon all Customers signing it as of the date of such signing. With regard to all other Customers, this contract shall be binding thirty (30) days after the date of publication of these conditions through the media, or as of the date of handing the Customer a written copy thereof, whichever is earlier, unless any Customer submits a written objection to the Commission or the Company with regard to these conditions.