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Check the list of FAQs to find answers to common queries.

  • General

    1. Why should I choose FRiENDi mobile?

    FRiENDi mobile is the best choice as it offers you countless benefits which include the following:
    - FRiENDi mobile SIM works as soon as you’ve bought it
    - Best value for International call rates to call your friends & family abroad
    - Easy prepaid internet to stay online with the best plans
    - For assistance and help speak to our friendly customer service representatives in six language: Arabic, English, Malayalam, Hindi, Urdu and Bengali
    - Check your call history & recharge ONLINE 24/7

    2. How much does the FRiENDi mobile starter pack cost?

    The regular price of the FRiENDi mobile starter pack is 1 JOD however we always have some attractive deals on the starter pack.

    3. When can I start using the FRiENDi mobile SIM card?

    You can use your FRiENDi mobile SIM card instantly and as soon as you activate it from the point of sale.

    4. Do I get free included credit in my SIM card?

    FRiENDi mobile does not have included credit but always offers great promotions.

    5. Where can I find the FRiENDi mobile starter pack?

    FRiENDi mobile starter packs are available across JORDAN. Call our Customer Care at 1225 (or +962755551225/+96265507225 from other networks) for more information.

    6. Can I use my FRiENDi SIM card abroad? (WHEN AVAILABLE)

    FRiENDi mobile supports seamless roaming in various countries across the globe including most countries, so when you travel, you can continue to use your mobile as normal.

    7. What happens to my SIM card if I go abroad for study purposes?

    Your FRiENDi mobile SIM remains active as long as you are active and recharging. If the SIM card is inactive for more than 3 months then it will go into an inactive state where the balance may be deleted. After 5 months the line will be terminated and the number possibly re-allocated. Please see the (LINK) Terms & Conditions for more information.

    8. If my SIM card got damaged, what can I do?

    In case of a damaged SIM card, you can request for a SIM replacement by buying a new SIM card, And then call the customer care to help you to pass through the SIM replacement process.

    9. What can I do if my SIM card got stolen?

    Please call us on our customer care number +962755551225 as soon as your SIM card is stolen and we will help you. We will need to verify your information and instantly disconnect the stolen SIM card and you can get a replacement SIM card with the same number.

    10. What is the email for contacting Friendi Mobile Jordan Support?

    Fill in the Contact Us form and submit your enquiry or complaint with us.  Otherwise please call Our Customer Care at 1225 (OR +962755551225/+96265507225 from other networks.

  • Recharge & Balance Inquiry

    1. How can I recharge my account?
    To recharge your account simply dial *101#. You will be asked to enter the recharge code. Recharge code is available at the back side of the recharge card. You can also recharge your account online through the web self care. Register in few simple steps and have access to our great services.

    2. Can I recharge my account while abroad?
    Yes of course; If you are correclty registered on the roaming network you can recharge using your phone normally. Alternatively you can recharge online using a Scratch Card with your Web Self Help Care account or using a Debit/Credit Card.

    3. What are the available recharge card denominations?
    You can conveniently find our recharge denominations in the market with the following denominations:

    - 1 JOD

    - 2.5 JOD

    - 5 JOD

    - 10 JOD

    Alternativley, many POSs have electronic vouchers where they can transfer any amouont of credit you want straight to your phone.

    4. Where can I find the FRiENDi recharge cards?
    FRiENDi recharge cards are available in hundreads of shops across the Kingdom.

    5. How can I check my remaining balance?
    You can check your remaining balance by simply dialing the following:*102#

  • Calls & SMS

    1. My friend is using FRiENDi line as well, how much will I be charged for making a local call?
    That's great! You will be charged only 2 Piasters/min any time of the day and throughout the week to FRiENDi and Zain numbers.

    2. My relative is using another operator's number, how much will I be charged for making a local call?
    Calls to FRiENDi are 2p while calls to other operators are 3p.

    3. I enjoy sending SMS to my friends, how much will I be charged per SMS?
    You can send SMS to your friends at any local number for only 3p per SMS.

    4. Can I make international calls from my FRiENDi mobile?
    Absolutely! FRiENDi mobile offers you the lowest international rates to over 200 destinations around the world.

    5. How much will I be charged for an international SMS?
    FRiENDi mobile has the lowest international SMS rate. You will be charged only 6p per SMS which is the best price in the Kingdom.

  • Internet & Modem

    1. Can I use internet with my FRiENDi mobile SIM card?
    Certainly! FRiENDi mobile allow you to use the internet directly from your mobile.

    2. I have a smart phone and I would like to use internet on it, what shall I do?
    You have to configure the data settings, you can find them here or you can call the Call Center at +962755551225

  • Value Added Services

    1. How can I transfer credit to my friend?
    You can transfer credit to another FRiENDi line by simply by dialing *103# and following the instructions. You can also transfer credit through the web-self care. Register in few simple steps and have access to our great services.

    2. I ran out of credit; can I ask my friend to call me back?
    Certainly! FRiENDi mobile offers you a call me back service. Simply dial *104# and follow the instructions.

    3. I don't want to miss any calls while I am out of coverage can I get missed calls notification?
    Definitely! You will no longer have to miss any calls if you are out of charge, or when your mobile is switched off. All you need to do is activate the missed call notification service by dialing *100# and follow the instrcutions.

    4. Can I use my FRiENDi SIM card abroad?
    FRiENDi mobile supports seamless roaming in various countries across the globe including all the GCC countries, so when you travel, you can continue to use your mobile as normal.

  • Web Self-care

    1. Why should I register for web self-care? What are the benefits?
    Web self-care provides you with a number of benefits such as:

    - Conveniently recharge your FRiENDi account card online using the credit or debit cards at anytime and from anywhere. (CREDIT CARD RECHARGE COMING SOON!)

    - Recharge your account using a recharge card pin

    - Check the calls, SMS and data usage details.

    - Transfer credit to a friend.

    - Check your remaining balance

    2. How can I register for the web self-care?

    Registering to the web self-care is very easy, kindly follow the below instructions:

    1. Add you FRiENDi number and click ‘continue’

    2. Select the ‘date of birth’ and click ‘continue’

    3. You will need to add your email and or create a ‘secret question’ with ‘answer’ and click ‘continue’

    4. You will receive a secret ‘code’ by SMS on your mobile number

    5. You need to add the code within three minutes and click ‘continue’

    6. You will be requested to enter and reenter ‘password’ and click ‘continue’

    7. You will see ‘Congratulations’ page which mean you have successfully registered.

    8. You can easily access the web self-care by entering you mobile number with the password and access all are services online.