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Call, surf, SMS
at best rates

Call, surf, SMS 
at best rates


Save money on your ANYTIME data plans!
RO 1 1 GB 24 Hours *320*7#
RO 2 750 MB Unlimited *320*8#
RO 3 1.250 GB Unlimited *320*3#
RO 3.5 1.750 GB Unlimited *320*9#
RO 4 2.250 GB Unlimited *320*10#
RO 5 3 GB Unlimited *320*4#
RO 8 5 GB Unlimited *320*11#
RO 10 8 GB Unlimited *320*12#

UNLIMITED VALIDITY means that your data, minutes or SMS will not expire as long as your SUPER SIM is active. So why lose what you paid for?!
  • If you have Auto Re-buy ON, once your data is used up, your data plan will renew automatically to protect you from higher Pay-As-You-Go rates. To manage your Auto re-buy settings dial *130*1#
  • To add more data dial *350*1#
  • Data usage without data allowance (Pay-As-You-Go) is 10 Bz/MB
  • To check your data balance dial *220#
  • Limited time promotion.


These amazing new data plans are only available on the new FRiENDi mobile Super SIM where you will have the choice to keep your number or choose a new number when you get the Super SIM activated. Go to the nearest SIM selling shop and get your new FRiENDi mobile Super SIM for FREE!