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low cost calls, SMS, and internet

low cost calls, SMS, and internet

Internet setup

Get high-speed mobile internet connectivity on the go. Chat with your friends, watch videos or browse your favourite websites through our internet service!

Enjoy a superfast internet connection, wherever you are, with Easy Prepaid Internet

  • No bill payments and long queues
  • Great plans in Saudi
  • 3.5G internet speed
  • Easy and simple to use, no technical skills required
  • Compatibility with both PC and Mac

If you experience any problems please do not hesitate to contact one of our friendly customer services agents on 166000.

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Getting started is easy

1. Get a FRiENDi mobile SIM card from a FRiENDi mobile shop 

2. Insert the FRiENDi SIM card into your modem 

3. Connect the modem to your PC or Mac 

4. Start the modem program

5. Go to Tools › Options › Profile Management 

6. Press New to create a new FRiENDi profile 

7. Enter the below settings:      

- Profile Name: FRiENDi mobile     

- APN: FRiENDi-gprs     

- Access Number: *99#     

- Keep username and password empty 

8. Click the ‘Set as default’ button, click the ‘Save button’ and click ‘OK’ button 

9. Recharge your FRiENDi mobile account if your balance is lower than the price of your plan

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