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Check the list of FAQs to find answers to common queries

  • General


    • Why choose FRiENDi mobile?

    Whether you use your mobile to surf the internet, make local calls, or get in touch with loved ones back home, FRiENDi mobile is guaranteed to provide you the best service with our simple packages, lowest call rates, and incredible network coverage.

    • Where can I buy a FRiENDi mobile SIM?

    You can purchase a FRiENDi SIM card from your local dealer or check the Store Finder to locate the one closest to you. You could also visit us at Muscat City Center, Oman Avenues Mall, Al Assalah Towers & at the Airport.

    • I like my phone number, can I keep it?

    Yes of course. Just go to any dealer and purchase a new FRiENDi SIM card. Mention to the dealer that you would like to port-in to FRiENDi mobile and write your existing mobile number on the application form. Once the FRiENDi SIM is activated, we will take care of the rest.

    Do keep in mind it can take up to three (3) working days for your number to port-in.


    • How can I check my mobile usage?

    You can log into your Self Care account for a complete and detailed history of your account's transactions. Or simply download the new FRiENDi mobile App absolutely free from Google Play Store.

    • How can I stay up-to-date with the latest from FRiENDi mobile?

    You can follow us on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter. Also look out for updates on our website.

    • I have lost my SIM card, how can I get my number back?

    Simply visit a dealer closest to you and purchase a new FRiENDi mobile SIM. Make sure to mention your lost SIM number to the dealer who is activating the new SIM. You could also visit any of our FRiENDi mobile kiosks at Muscat City Center, Oman Avenues Mall, Al Assalah Towers or at the Muscat Intl Airport (Arrivals). You will have your lost mobile number back within 24 hours.

  • 4G Network

    • What is 4G?

    4G is the latest technology of reliable, fast internet. 4G services should make it much quicker to surf the web on your mobile, tablets & devices.

    • Who can access 4G?

    All FRiENDi mobile users can access 4G data speed.

    First, make sure you have a 4G handset and then dial *115*12# & it will tell you if your SIM is 4G ready. If you don’t have a 4G SIM, then you can do a SIM replacement at a store or FRiENDi kiosk closest to you. 

    • What are the charges of 4G?

    There are no extra charges for using 4G.

    • How can I find out if my FRiENDi mobile SIM supports 4G?

    Simple, dial *115*12#

    • If my SIM does not support 4G, how can I get a 4G FRiENDi mobile SIM?

    Simply go to any FRiENDi mobile dealer or kiosk and ask for a SIM replacement. To look for a store close to you CLICK HERE

    • What is the difference between GPRS, EDGE, 3G, and 4G? 

    GPRS: refers to a service on the 2G network that provides basic data up to 56kbps (similar to dial-up speeds)

    EDGE: 2.5G technology. An enhancement of the 2G technology which provides higher data transfer rates compared to GPRS (the default on 2G).The speeds can go up to 144 Kbps.

    3G: 3G technology provides faster / higher data transfer rates compared to the 2G network (EDGE & GPRS).This technology can offer speeds up to 21 Mbps.

    4G: This technology rides on the LTE platform and is the latest in the world of mobile data transfer. It is the next generation of mobile communications. Currently, it is the most advanced technology available. Theoretical data downlink speeds can go up to 100 Mbps.

    • How do I know which areas are 4G enabled?

    Check this map to see if 4G is available in your area.

  • Data Settings

    To receive data settings automatically on your handset, dial *350# or click Data Settings.

    In case your phone requires manual setting, please follow these simple steps,

    Step 1. Go to Settings and select more settings

    Step 2. Open Mobile Network and enter Access point names

    Step 3. Select New APN

    Step 4. Enter Profile name - FRiENDi 

    Step 5. Enter APN - net (small letters)

    Step 6. Enter Username & Password - empty (blank)

    Step 7. Select Save as default

    Step 8. Once completed, delete all other operator settings

  • Roaming

    We support roaming in various countries all over the world so you can always use your FRiENDi number anywhere you go.

    Should you face any difficulty with making a call while on roaming, dial *135*00(country code) number#. You will receive a call back shorty after connecting your line with the number you wish to call.

    GCC countries

    Activity Price
    Receive calls 108 Bz
    Local calls 96 Bz
    Calls to Oman 238 Bz
    Calls to other countries 999 Bz
    SMS 27 Bz

    All the other countries

    Activity Price
    Receive calls 499 Bz
    Calls back to Oman 499 Bz
    Calls to other countries 999 Bz
    Local calls within visited country 999 Bz
    SMS 199 Bz

    All calls are rated per full minute.

  • Mobile Number Portability

    How do I port-in my number?

    • Make sure that the number you want to port-in is a pre-paid number and is registered under your name.
    • Go to the nearest SIM selling shop or to the FRiENDi mobile kiosk and buy a FRiENDi mobile SIM card.
    • Make sure that your mobile number, signature, identification document, and name exactly match the information that you have registered with your current service provider.
    • Make sure you use all your remaining credit and data balance as it will expire upon successful porting and will not be carried forward.
    • Call charges, plans and VAS offered by FRiENDi will differ from that offered by your current service provider.
    • You will have to back up the contacts and the messages stored on the old SIM card before making the porting request. FRiENDi mobile will not be able to transfer these details to the new SIM card.

    How long does it take to port a number?

    • The entire process of porting will take three (3) working days.

    How will I be updated about the status of my port-in request?

    • We will call you first to verify your information before submitting your request.
    • You will receive an automated SMS once the port-in request is approved to inform you that your number will be disconnected for two hours, after which you must restart your mobile.