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Looking for more than just data and call services? We have you covered!


    More than just Data & Calls!

    We bring you yet another exciting experience with Starzplay & Live Cricket streaming services!

    Plan Price Includes Validity Activate
    Starzplay Subscription RO 4.200 Starzplay Entertainment, Discovery+ & more 30 Days Buy
    Cricket Subscription RO 2.620 Live cricket 30 Days Buy

    Enjoy your favorite movies, shows, and matches directly on your phone.


    1. How do I join FRiENDi mobile but keep my same number?

    •    Firstly, make sure that the number you want to port-in to FRiENDi is a pre-paid number and is registered under your name.
    •    Visit your nearest FRiENDi mobile dealer and request for a Port-In.
    •    Make sure that your mobile number, signature and identification document exactly match the information that you have registered with your current operator.


    2. How long does it take to port a number? 

    • Three (3) working days.

    Refer a friend to join FRiENDi mobile and you both can get up to *6 GB FREE data!


    • What is the 'Refer A Friend' feature?

    Our 'Refer a friend' feature is a new service that allows you to earn rewards by growing your community!
    Invite your family and friends to join FRiENDi mobile and you both will get rewarded!


    • How does it work?

    Its simple!

    • Select the 'Refer A Friend' feature in the FRiENDi mobile app.
    • Select the 'Invite a friend' button to share your unique promo code with your family and friends.
    • Once they get a FRiENDi mobile SIM, all they need to do is, buy a plan worth RO 3 or more and enter the promo code you shared in the 'Redeeem Promo Codes' section in the app.
    • After they purchase the plan, you will both will recieve your rewards.


    • How will I know when I get my reward?

    Your reward will be automatically added to your account and you will receive a confirmation SMS. You can check your reward balance in the app.


    • How many referrals can I do?

    You can refer up to 5 people in a calendar month. Which means 5 new chances every month to get bonus data!


    • Why is my referral not going through?

    Here are the reasons why your referral might not go through:

    • Your number is newly activated and needs to complete atleast 30 days or
    • You have already referred 5 other people in the same month or
    • The number you are trying to refer has been active before your SIM activation date


    • I did the referral but I did not get the reward. What's wrong?

    The reward will be released when the new FRiENDi mobile customer you have referred buys a plan worth RO 3 or more and then redeems their code.
    The higher the plan value the higher the reward!


    Roaming in GCC

    Country Operator Local calls Calls to Oman Calls to GCC International calls  Incoming calls  Per MB
    Bahrain Batelco 0.092 0.231 0.231 1.999 0.085 0.161
    Bahrain Zain 0.092 0.231 0.231 1.999 0.085 0.161
    Bahrain Viva 0.092 0.231 0.231 1.999 0.085 0.161
    Kuwait Ooredoo 0.092 0.231 0.231 1.999 0.085 0.161
    Kuwait Zain 0.092 0.231 0.231 1.999 0.085 0.161
    Kuwait Viva 0.092 0.231 0.231 1.999 0.085 0.161
    Qatar Ooredoo 0.092 0.231 0.231 1.999 0.085 0.161
    Qatar Vodafone 0.092 0.231 0.231 1.999 0.085 0.161
    KSA Mobily 0.092 0.231 0.231 1.999 0.085 0.161
    KSA STC 0.092 0.231 0.231 1.999 0.085 0.161
    KSA Zain 0.092 0.231 0.231 1.999 0.085 0.161
    UAE Etisalat 0.092 0.231 0.231 1.999 0.085 0.161
    UAE Du 0.092 0.231 0.231 1.999 0.085 0.161
    • For rates to all other detinations, click here.
    • To turn Data Roaming ON, dial *113#
    • Make sure to restart your phone after connecting to a local operator in the visited country.
    • All prices are in Omani Rials.


    Roaming around the world

    Country Operator Local calls Calls to Oman International calls International SMS  Incoming calls  Per MB
    India BSNL 1.500 3.000 4.00 0.500 1.000 2.580
    UK Orange 1.500 3.000 4.000 0.500 1.000 7.720
    Turkey Vodafone 1.500 3.000 4.000 0.500 1.000 5.340
    Thailand True Move 1.500 3.000 4.000 0.500 1.000 7.620
    Sri Lanka Dialog 1.500 4.000 6.000 1.500 2.000 2.430
    • For rates to all other detinations, click here.
    • To turn Data Roaming ON, dial *113#
    • Make sure to restart your phone after connecting to a local operator in the visited country.
    • All prices are in Omani Rials.

    Enjoy different types of offers every day & every week, available from various categories such as dining, entertainment, experiences and city sales available only on the FRiENDi mobile App in few easy and simple steps.

    • Download the FRiENDi mobile app
    • Select 'Rewards'
    • Choose your offer and get your promocode
    • Visit the location to redeem the offer


    For more information about FRiENDi rewards, call us on 98400 0000.

    Get FRiENDi mobile App for iOS | Get FRiENDi mobile App for Android


    Send credit as a gift to your family and friends outside Oman with FRiENDi mobile’s International Credit Transfer service.

    To start transferring international credit dial *222# and follow these steps:

    • Enter the international phone number with the country code (example: 00911412680011)

    • Select the amount that you would like to transfer.

    • An SMS confirmation will be sent to you and the receiver.



    You can transfer credit to any FRiENDi mobile number for free by dialing *123#


    FRiENDi mobile has you covered during situations of emergency!

    Borrow credit to make urgent calls, send SMSs or buy any plan or bundle.

    Advance Credit Amount Service Fee Total credit deduction on next recharge
    200 Bz 20 Bz 220 Bz
    450 Bz 50 Bz 500 Bz
    900 Bz 100 Bz RO 1


    • What is Advance Credit Service?

    It is a service that allows you to borrow credit in advance and pay back later, on your next credit recharge.


    • How to request and check the balance of the Advance Credit amount?

    By dialing *120*20#


    • What is the validity of the Advance Credit amount?

    The Advance Credit is valid for 30 days.


    • What can I use the Advance Credit amount for?

    This credit can be used to buy any data or calling plans, make calls, send SMSs or even transfer it abroad using our International Credit Transfer service.


    • Am I charged for this service?

    Yes, there is a small service fee depending on each denomination.


    • Can I use the service again without repaying the borrowed amount?

    You can enjoy this service again once you recharge and pay back the borrowed amount.


    • How do I pay back the amount borrowed?

    Just buy a FRiENDi mobile recharge voucher and recharge your account.


    • I dialled *120*20# but could not use the Advance Credit Service, why?

    To ensure that you are eligible to use the Advance Credit Service, you will need to;

    1. Be on the FRiENDi mobile network for at least 90 days.
    2. Recharge your account at least RO 1/month in the last 3 months.
    3. Keep your account active by increasing your mobile usage.


    • How many denominations will I be able to borrow from the Advance Credit Service?

    Depending on your eligiblity, you will see one denomination to borrow from, after dialling *120*20#



    The mobile number auctioning system will allow you to bid on your favorite Diamond and Golden category mobile numbers. Simply register and start bidding.

    Click HERE to register and start bidding!


    • How can I participate in auction?
      • You should get bidder number By doing : - New registration if this is the first time and pay registration fee - If you are registered before (from previous auction) you need to activate your account and pay registration fee You can do this during registration period Only.


    • How can I regirster?
      • During registration period you can use : "Register Now" OR "Activate my Account" if you are registered before.


    • Is there any fee to participate in auction?
      • Yes, 10 OMR non refundable.


    • When registration required?
      • For each auction, Registration OR activate account required to get bidder no.


    • I forgot my password.
      • Use forget My password feature , and enter enter your email and mobile number used for registration, then You will receive and email & SMS with your new password.


    • Can I see all the bids?
      • Yes, If you are registered.


    • Whats is the max number that i can bid on?
      • 10 Numbers Only


    • Auction time can be extended?
      • Yes, based on operator request and TRA approval.


    • What will happen to my account after the auction?
      • The account will be available but disabled , and should be activated in each auction to use.


    • How can I add numbers to my favorites?
      • When you bid on any number , it will be added to MY FAVOURITES automatically



    • Can I edit my registration information? and when?
      • You can edit your registration information during registration period only, and the mobile number only can be changed, but the email address used as user name NOT changeable


    • When can I register?
      • During Registration period only.


    • Can I use the same account during all auctions?
      • Yes, but its required to activate the account during each auction to get bidder number.


    • Why should I use mobile number registered with my ID during registration?
      • The owner of the account will be the owner of the used mobile, and the awarded number can be activated by the owner of account mobile.


    • Can I use any mobile number during registration?
      • No,You should use number registered in Oman Only (+968) with your ID


    • How can I pay the registration fee?
      • Online only, during registration process



    • Can I cancel my bidding?
      • No, bids are final.


    • Is there a minimum bidding amount?
      • Yes; Bidding amount should be +50 OMR from previous bid amount.


    • Where I can do the bidding?
      • During Bidding period only



    • Who will be the owner of the awarded number?
      • The owner of the mobile number used during registration will be the owner of the awarded number.


    • How I know if there is any number awarded to me?
      • You will get an SMS/email confirmation informing you to check the list of awarded numbers in the Number Auction site.


    • What I should do after awarding?
      • If you award any number you should pay the bidding amount within the specified period OR you will lose the awarding.


    • What will happen if I dont pay the bidding amount for the awarded numbers during specific period?
      • You will lose the awarded numbers.



    • When are payment required?
      • Its required to pay during registration , activate account or pay for awarded numbers


    • Can I review my payment?
      • Yes, after login under (My payments)



    • When can I activate my awarded number?
      • Any time after pay awarded amount


    • How can I activate the awarded number?
      • After pay the required awarded fee, you can visit operator shop and request for activation

    Hassle free SMS parking service from FRiENDi mobile. Type your car number followed by the car code and SMS it to 90091.

    SMS parking instructions:

    1. Compose an SMS containing your car number, car code and minutes reserved for to 90091. Kindly note that the 30 minutes is the minimum. Example: 1252 AD 30 to 90091.
    2. You will receive a confirmation SMS which contains: the ticket number, car number, car code and the date and time of the reservation.
    3. You will receive a reminder SMS a few minutes before the expiry of your car reservations which will allow you enough time to extend your car reservation in case you need to.
    4. You will not be charged during the free period which includes the public holidays.
    5. Reserving your car with SMS parking gives you the flexibility to move around without the need of reserving each time.
    6. Below table displays the minutes you could reserve with the rates:
      Minutes Reserved Rate (RO)
      30 0.116 
      60 0.221 
      90 0.326 
      120 0.431 
      150 0.536 
      180 0.641 
      210 0.746 
      240 0.851 
      270 0.956 
      300 1.061