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Looking for more than just data and call services? We have you covered!


    Get special offers and discounts at retail stores, restaurants and various other experiences in Oman as well as UAE!

    Enjoy different types of offers every day & every week, available from various categories such as dining, entertainment, experiences and city sales available only on the FRiENDi mobile App in few easy and simple steps.

    1- Download the FRiENDi mobile app

    Get FRiENDi mobile App for iOS | Get FRiENDi mobile App for Android

    2- Select 'Rewards'

    3- Choose your offer and get your promocode

    4- Visit the location to redeem the offer

    For more information about FRiENDi rewards, call us on +968 79539975.


    Not a FRiENDi mobile customer yet?

    Just get your FREE SIM from any of our SIM shops and get started!


    At FRiENDi mobile, we know that access to traditional insurance can be difficult because its costly, complex and difficult to pay for if you don’t have a bank account. FRiENDi mobile overcomes these hurdles with its pioneering mobile delivered insurance approach. Together with leading international insurance provider (Orient) we have designed a simple, affordable and high value cover for YOU AND YOUR FAMILY.

    What are you waiting for?

    Get covered with FRiENDi mobile Life Insurance, TODAY and feel secure that your family can receive up to RO 4000 in the event of an accident resulting in your disability or your death.

    Stay a FRiENDi mobile customer and be covered from only 100 Bz per month.

    Plan Price Insurance Coverage Validity Dial
    Standard 100 Bz Monthly RO 2,000 30 Days *380*1#
    Standard RO 1 Yearly RO 2,000 12 Months *380*1*12#
    Premium 200 Bz Monthly RO 4,000 30 Days *380*2#
    Premium RO 2 Yearly RO 4,000 12 Months *380*2*12#
    • Always keep the auto-renewal for your Insurance Plan ON, to make sure that your family's future is taken care of. To manage auto-renewal settings, dial *130*3#
    • For more questions about Life Insurance Plans click HERE
    • By subscribing to the above Life Insurance Plan, you accept the Terms & Conditions



    Buy one of our Freedom or Saver plans worth RO 2 or more and get a Monthly RO 2,000 Life Insuarnce Plan free.


    Send credit as a gift to your family and friends outside Oman with FRiENDi mobile’s International Credit Transfer service.

    To start transferring international credit dial *222# and follow these steps:

    • Enter the international phone number with the country code (example: 00911412680011)

    • Select the amount that you would like to transfer.

    • An SMS confirmation will be sent to you and the receiver.



    You can transfer credit to any FRiENDi mobile number for free by dialing *123#


    You can transfer data to any FRiENDi mobile number by dialing *701*1#


    Transfer Value Data Validity Service Fee (Includes 5% VAT
    50 MB 10 Days 110 Bz
    100 MB 10 Days 110 Bz
    200 MB 10 Days 110 Bz
    500 MB 10 Days 220 Bz
    1 GB 10 Days 220 Bz
    • Data can be transfered only from Freedom Data Plans.
    • Transfers are allowed only to other FRiENDi mobile customers.
    • Transfered data cannot be transfered again.

    FRiENDi mobile has you covered during situations of emergency!

    Borrow credit to make urgent calls, send SMSs or buy any plan or bundle.

    Advance Credit Amount Service Fee Total credit deduction on next recharge
    200 Bz 20 Bz 220 Bz
    450 Bz 50 Bz 500 Bz
    900 Bz 100 Bz RO 1


    • What is Advance Credit Service?

    It is a service that allows you to borrow credit in advance and pay back later, on your next credit recharge.


    • How to request and check the balance of the Advance Credit amount?

    By dialing *120*20#


    • What is the validity of the Advance Credit amount?

    The Advance Credit is valid for 30 days.


    • What can I use the Advance Credit amount for?

    This credit can be used to buy any data or calling plans, make calls, send SMSs or even transfer it abroad using our International Credit Transfer service.


    • Am I charged for this service?

    Yes, there is a small service fee depending on each denomination.


    • Can I use the service again without repaying the borrowed amount?

    You can enjoy this service again once you recharge and pay back the borrowed amount.


    • How do I pay back the amount borrowed?

    Just buy a FRiENDi mobile recharge voucher and recharge your account.


    • I dialled *120*20# but could not use the Advance Credit Service, why?

    To ensure that you are eligible to use the Advance Credit Service, you will need to;

    1. Be on the FRiENDi mobile network for at least 90 days.
    2. Recharge your account at least RO 1/month in the last 3 months.
    3. Keep your account active by increasing your mobile usage.


    • How many denominations will I be able to borrow from the Advance Credit Service?

    Depending on your eligiblity, you will see one denomination to borrow from, after dialling *120*20#



    Always know how much balance you have remaining after each call simply by choosing to display your end-of-call balance notification.

    To activate dial *114#


    If you are out of coverage, low on battery or your line is busy, and you don't want to miss any calls during this time, simply activate FRiENDi mobile’s missed call notification service.

    To activate dial: *132#


    If you are out of credit or want your friend to call you back, you can simply do that by using FRiENDi mobile’s FREE and UNLIMITED call me back service.

    To request your friend to call you back dial *131* Friend's Phone Number #


    Hassle free SMS parking service from FRiENDi mobile. Type your car number followed by the car code and SMS it to 90091.

    SMS parking instructions:

    1. Compose an SMS containing your car number, car code and minutes reserved for to 90091. Kindly note that the 30 minutes is the minimum. Example: 1252 AD 30 to 90091.
    2. You will receive a confirmation SMS which contains: the ticket number, car number, car code and the date and time of the reservation.
    3. You will receive a reminder SMS a few minutes before the expiry of your car reservations which will allow you enough time to extend your car reservation in case you need to.
    4. You will not be charged during the free period which includes the public holidays.
    5. Reserving your car with SMS parking gives you the flexibility to move around without the need of reserving each time.
    6. Below table displays the minutes you could reserve with the rates:
      Minutes Reserved Rate (RO)
      30 0.110 
      60 0.210 
      90 0.310 
      120 0.410 
      150 0.510 
      180 0.610 
      210 0.710 
      240 0.810 
      270 0.910 
      300 1.010