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    • What is Carbon Footprint?

    Carbon footprint is the amount of greenhouse gases that are generated by our actions which harm the environment.
    Studies estimate that digital technologies already contribute between 1.4% to 5.9% of global greenhouse gas emissions.

    • How can you be involved?

    Carbon offset is a practical and effective way to help reduce effects of climate change by funding projects that clean water, plant trees and innovate renewable energies.

    • Where do I start?

    Offset your carbon footprint with FRiENDi mobile. Every time you use data with FRiENDi mobile, you are making a responsible choice by contributing to projects which help reduce carbon emissions.

    • How do I make a contribution?

    Download the FRiENDi mobile App and turn ON the Carbon Offset feature. For every purchase of data/mix plans worth RO 2 or more, you will be contributing 50 Bz per plan, to which FRiENDi mobile will match your donation and then share the funds with the Environment Authority of Oman for the 10 million tree initiative. Through this project, you will be directly involved in helping us do our part to protect the planet.

    • Download the FRiENDi mobile app

    Get FRiENDi mobile App for iOS | Get FRiENDi mobile App for Android



    Always know how much balance you have remaining after each call simply by choosing to display your end-of-call balance notification.

    To activate dial *114#


    If you are out of credit or want your friend to call you back, you can simply do that by using FRiENDi mobile’s FREE and UNLIMITED call me back service.

    To request your friend to call you back dial *131* Friend's Phone Number #


    If you are out of coverage, low on battery or your line is busy, and you don't want to miss any calls during this time, simply activate FRiENDi mobile’s missed call notification service.

    To activate dial: *132#


    Instantly recharge data to your account. Head to your nearest dealer and buy one of our Data Cards to enjoy great value internet plans.

    Data Card Price Includes Validity
    *1 GB Data Card RO 0.700 1 GB  Unlimited
    #1 GB Data Card RO 1.2 1 GB 30 Days
    #3 GB Data Card RO 2.5 3 GB 30 Days
    #5 GB Data Card RO 4.2 5 GB + 500 F2F minutes* Unlimited
    • Data card can be found at our kiosk in various modern trade as well as dealer outlets.
    • 500 F2F minutes are valid for 30 days.
    • Plan Balance Check: *250#
    • *Offer ends 06 December 2023.
    • #Offer ends 25 December 2023.



    Dealer Exclusive Offer! Head to the nearest FRiENDi mobile Dealer shop and get access to great value data plan

    Price Includes Validity To activate
    *RO 2 2.5 GB + 25 Flexi minutes 30 Days FRiENDi Dealer App
    **RO 3 4 GB + 40 Flexi minutes 28 Days FRiENDi Dealer App
    • Plan Balance Check: *250#
    • Flexi minutes can be used to call India, Bangladesh, Pakistan and locally.
    • *Offer valid until 05 December 2023.
    • **Offer valid until 07 December 2023.



    Price Includes Validity To activate
    RO 5 3.5 GB Unlimited *320*4#
    RO 3.5 3 GB 30 days *601*7#
    RO 3 1.5 GB Unlimited *320*3#
    • Data usage without data allowance (Pay-As-You-Go) is 11 Bz/MB. To manage PAYG settings: *360#
    • Prices include 5% VAT.