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Instantly recharge data to your account. Head to your nearest dealer and buy one of our Data Cards to enjoy great value internet plans.

Data Card Price Includes Validity
1 GB Data Card RO 1.5 1 GB 30 Dyas
3 GB Data Card RO 3 3 GB 30 Days
5 GB Data Card RO 5 5 GB + 500 minutes to FRiENDi numbers*  Unlimited
  • 500 Minutes to FRiENDi numbers is a limited time offer and will be valid for 30 days.
  • Data card can be found at our kiosk in various modern trade as well as dealer outlets.
  • Data Balance Check: *250#
  • Offer ends 04 Jan 2021.


Special bundle offer! Get 1 GB data card + RO 1 Recharge card for only RO 2.

  • This offer is available at selected kiosk at various Modern trade.
  • Offer ends 29 Jan 2022.


  • Data usage without data allowance (Pay-As-You-Go) is 11 Bz/MB. To manage PAYG settings: *360#
  • Prices include 5% VAT.