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Data Setup

With outstanding high-speed mobile data connectivity, chat with friends, watch videos or browse your favorite websites on the go.

Enjoy a super-fast internet connection, wherever you are...

  • 4G internet speed
  • Best plans in Oman
  • Easy & simple to use
  • No bill payments and long queues

Getting started is easy

Just get hold of the FRiENDi SIM Starter Pack with the latest offer.

To buy a SIM Starter Pack, you can visit FRiENDi mobile’s shop in Al-Asalah building, kiosks at the Oman Avenues Mall, Muscat City Center or the Muscat International Airport. The starter packs are also available in thousands of stores across the Sultanate of Oman.

Installing your mobile's data settings is easy...

To receive data settings for your handset, dial *144# or click DATA SETTINGS.

Looking for amazing data plans?


Visit the nearest FRiENDi mobile dealer or our kiosks, to get your SIM starter pack.