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Who’s covered?

You can get coverage by subscribing to the Policy if you are a FRiENDi mobile customer, active for the last 2 days and a Citizen or Resident of Oman between 18 years to 55 years as on your last birthday.

To subscribe to this Policy, just dial *380# from any mobile containing your FRiENDi mobile SIM and select the coverage option you want.


What is the amount I’m covered for?

You have the option to be covered under the Policy for up to OMR 2,000 or OMR 4,000.


For how long is the cover active?

Your monthly Policy coverage is active for 30 days from the date you first enrolled in the Policy.

Your yearly Policy coverage is active for 12 months from the date you first enrolled in the Policy.


Is the enrolment continuous?

Yes, your FRiENDi mobile account will be charged every 30 days for the monthly plan depending on the cover you choose, unless you choose to Opt-Out or for some reason there is no adequate balance in your account.


How can I Opt-Out?

If you decide to stop your insurance coverage, just dial *130*3# from your FRiENDi mobile SIM to cancel your auto renewal. Your coverage will end on the last day of your current coverage period.


What is an Accident Cover?

We protect you in the event of sustaining bodily injuries resulting solely and directly from an accident caused by EXTERNAL, VIOLENT & VISIBLE means, resulting in death or permanent total disability within 30 days of the accident.


What is Permanent Total Disability?

Any bodily injury that totally, irrecoverably and absolutely prevents you from engaging in any kind of occupation. For example, total and irrevocable loss of a limb is also called Total Disability.


Who is the insurance provider?

Orient Insurance, Oman


What type of accident and permanent total disability events are covered?

An accident may include events like:

• Rail / Road / Air Accident

• Injury due to any collision/fall

• Injury due to Bursting of gas cylinder

• Snake bite, Dog bite or any serious animal attack

• Burn Injury, Drowning, etc.

• Occupational hazards

• All external, accidental means beyond control of the Insured.


All of the above must lead to accidental death and or permanent disability, however this list is only illustrative and not exhaustive.


What type of events are excluded?

  • Active participation in a war or in warlike operations

Cover is excluded if a subscriber is an Active Participant and/or directly or indirectly involved in war (whether declared or not) or war like operations.

“Active Participant” in Warlike Operations means an active member of a military force e.g. army, navy, air force, territorial army or police or any other special forces activated by the government of a country or other public authorities to defend law and order in case of a warlike operation, or any other person who takes up arms in an active or defensive role.

“Warlike Operations” means terrorism, hostilities, mutiny, riot, civil commotion, civil war, rebellion, revolution, insurrection, conspiracy, military or usurped power and martial law or state of siege.

Above exclusion shall apply for Insurance coverage including Passive War Cover in

a) Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Palestine, Israel, Syria, Iran, Sudan, Yemen and any other country where war or war like operation takes place

b) Where a subscriber remains in a country for more than 28 days following an outbreak of war in that country; and

c) Where a subscriber is travelling to or visiting a country after war has been declared in that country or after it has been recognized as a war zone by any one of the competent International Agencies namely be United Nations or the USA or the EU or UK or any other competent International Agencies or if foreign offices advice against all travel in that country or where there are war likes operations

  • Destructive Agents Exclusion

This policy does not insure against loss or damage (including death or injury) and any associated cost or expense resulting directly or indirectly from the discharge, explosion or use of any device, weapon or material employing or involving nuclear fission, nuclear fusion or radioactive force, or chemical, biological, radiological or similar agents, whether in time of peace or war, and regardless of who commits the act, regardless of any other cause or event contributing concurrently or in any other sequence thereto.  This exclusion shall apply to non-participant & innocent bystander too.

  • Terrorism Exclusion

This policy does not insure against loss or damage (including death or injury) and any associated cost or expense resulting directly or indirectly from an act or multiple or related acts of Terrorism as defined below regardless of any other cause or event contributing concurrently or in any other sequence thereto

a)        Involves a violent act or an act dangerous to human life, tangible or intangible property or infrastructure, causing damage to property or injury to persons, or a threat thereof

b)       Appears to be intended to:

  • Intimidate, coerce or incite a civilian population
  • Inflict economic loss or disrupts any segment of a local, national or global economy; or Influence, protest, intimidate or coerce against the policy or conduct of a government by any means, including mass destruction, murder, kidnapping, hijacking, hostage-taking.

This exclusion shall not apply if the Member is a non-participant and is an innocent by-stander to an act of terrorism.   However, above terrorism exclusion shall strictly apply to claims arising a) as a result of Nuclear Weapons or Devices, Chemical or Biological Agents and b) occurring in Travel restricted zones / War zones


  • Free Climb Mountaineering or Mountaineering and rock climbing using ropes or guides, bungee jumping, scuba diving or free diving and High Diving (other than from a purpose built diving board over a man-made swimming pool).
  • The following activities are excluded, if conducted on professional basis:
    Big Game Hunting, Jousting, Martial Arts, Micro-lighting, Motor Rallies or Competitions, Show Jumping (during horse riding), Water Ski Jumping, Wrestling or any variations thereof
  • Engaging in or taking part in any naval, military or air force operation
  • Losses sustained or contracted in consequence of a named insured being intoxicated or under the influence of any narcotic or drug unless administered on the advice of a physician
  • Suicide
  • Participation in, or training for, any hazardous sport of competition or riding or driving in any form of race or competition except in the case for leisure / pleasure
  • For disability (In addition to the above)

-          Attempted suicide or self-inflicted injury whilst sane or insane.

-          Any breach of the law by the Member of any assault provoked by him

-          Accidents caused by the use of intoxicating liquor or drugs, other than drugs taken in accordance with treatment prescribed and directed by a qualified medical practitioner, but not for the treatment of drug addiction.

-          Aviation, gliding of any other forms of flight other than as a fare paying passenger of a recognized airline or charter service.

-          Involvement in any professional underwater activity.

-          Injury caused by nuclear fusion, nuclear fission or radioactive contamination.

-          Serving in any capacity for any military forces (navy, army or air force).



What are the documents to be submitted for a claim?

For Permanent total disability:

- Completed claim form

- Registered Doctor’s Medical Report

- Original Disability Certificate from a Competent Medical Board stating the percentage of disability

- Admission/discharge card with complete medical records including lab reports

- Omani Citizenship or Residency Proof

For Accidental Death:

  • Completed claim form

  • Police report copy

  • Death certificate

  • Post-mortem report

  • Omani Citizenship or Residency Proof


How soon should you be sending your claim to us?

Any claim needs to be submitted within 30 days of an accident to  and should include details about your coverage ID along with your phone number.

You will find your coverage ID in the confirmation SMS you received when subscribing to this policy.


Are minor injuries covered in this insurance policy?

No. Only accident leading to death or permanent disability is covered under the policy.


Are there any territorial restrictions applicable to the policy?

No. The coverage under this Policy is WORLDWIDE subject to certain exclusions. Any claims however will be paid out in Omani Riyals only.


How can we get a claim benefit payout?

Validated claim benefits under the Policy will paid to the beneficiary account via a wire transfer or cheque in Omani Riyals


Are there any hospitals covered under this policy?

No. This is only an accident and permanent total disability policy. This Policy is not a health or medical policy.


What if I have multiple SIM Cards or multiple enrollments?

You will NOT be able to have multiple enrolments using the same SIM card. Please do NOT enrol more than once if you have multiple SIM cards. The maximum amount payable per life is OMR 4,000.


Will you share any of my information with the insurance provider?

By opting into the Policy you explicitly agree that Friendi may share your coverage ID, date of enrolment, coverage option, and confirmation that you were an active subscriber on our network with the insurer (Orient Insurance), its subsidiaries & business partners, third party administrators, financial auditors, governing regulatory bodies or government authorities, at all stages and activities that are relevant to managing your account and also agree that information may be moved to outside current jurisdictions for administration purposes, if/when a claim arises for which you claim a benefit under the Policy.

Your coverage ID is a unique subscription number that is automatically generated when you opt into the Policy and will be sent to you via SMS.

You are solely responsible for submitting the required information, which may include your personal information and any claim related information, directly to the insurance provider.