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Call, surf, SMS 
at best rates


With FRiENDi mobile you get even more than just great rates! Our services are designed to help you enjoy your mobile life. From Balance Enquiry to Online recharge, you can find out all about services here.

Online Services

To check your credit balance, to recharge your account to or to subscribe to any of the plans CLICK HERE > 

SMS Parking

Park your car conveniently within seconds with SMS parking service from FRiENDi mobile. Simply type your car number followed by the car code and SMS it to 90091.

SMS parking instructions:
-Compose an SMS containing your car number, car code and minutes reserved for to 90091. Kindly note that the 30 minutes is the minimum. Example: 1252 AD 30 to 90091.
-You will receive a confirmation SMS which contains: the ticket number, car number, car code and the date and time of the reservation.
-You will receive a reminder SMS few minutes before the expiry of your car reservations which will allow you enough time to extend your car reservation in case you need to.
-You will not be charged during the free period which includes the public holidays.
-Reserving your car with SMS parking gives you the flexibility to move around without the need of reserving each time.
-Below table displays the minutes you could reserve with the rates:

Minutes Reserved Rate (RO)
30 0.110
60 0.210
90 0.310
120 0.410
150 0.510
180 0.610
210 0.710
240 0.810
270 0.910
300 1.010

International credit transfer

The International credit transfer service will enable you to transfer credit with various denominations starting from 400 Bz to numerous countries and operators.

  • To transfer simply dial *222# and follow the steps.
  • To view the available list of countries and operators for the international credit transfer CLICK HERE >
  • The maximum amount you can transfer is RO 30 per month.
  • An SMS confirmation will be sent to you and the receiver.

Missed call notification

If you are out of coverage, charge or if your line is busy and you don't want to miss any calls during this time, then simply activate the missed call notification service by FRiENDi mobile.

To activate please dial: *132#

Call me back

To request your friend to call you back please dial: *131* friend's phone number #

Show me my number

To get your number on your mobile screen just dial *115*1# and you will be able view you number.


FRiENDi mobile supports seamless roaming in all the GCC countries and various countries across the globe. However, in some countries in order to use FRiENDi mobile, kindly dial the following code:

*135*00(country code) number#

 Find the roaming rates CLICK HERE >