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December 10, 2014

FRiENDi mobile kicks off Dealer Meet

FRiENDi mobile's dealer meet aims to gain a better understanding of customers requirements from the dealers.

Muscat, December 12, 2014: FRiENDi mobile, Oman’s 3rd biggest mobile service provider has once again started its Dealer meets all across Oman. The first phase of the dealers meet was held over the last couple of weeks at Duqm, Ibri and Khasab. The event gives a good opportunity for dealers to improve their bonding with the company. Since a majority of FRiENDi mobile customers buy SIMs and recharge cards from the dealer outlets, the meets give a better understanding of customer requirements from the dealers and thus helps the company to take actions to improve both dealer and customer experience. 

The highlight this time was on training dealers on the new SIM Activation App. The new app is very advantageous to the dealers since it will be simple and the activations will be very quick, thus eliminating the hassles that few customers face after buying the SIM. This, in turn, will considerably reduce calls to Customer Care in certain case of delay in activations.

The event also honored the key performing dealers with awards and certificates of appreciation for their contribution to the growth and development of the company.

Commenting on the occasion, Randall Bernard, Sales Director at FRiENDi mobile said, "We are extremely happy to organize such an event to honor and enhance our partnership with the dealers. We attribute our success to the support and loyalty of our dealers as well as our customers. Acting on our customers’ needs is what makes the difference in our successful role of creating the very best solutions for them."

"We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our dealers as they are key partners behind the success of our business. The dealers have in fact played a special role as the link between the company and the customers and have continued to meet the challenges of our field and excel despite setbacks," he added.

Mr. Khalifa Humaid Al Yaqoobi, from Al Crystal mobile, Ibri said, "We are happy to participate in this event, which has been a great platform for dealers to connect at a more personal level with the FRiENDi mobile team. We are also grateful for the recognition that we receive for our contribution to the company’s success."

"FRiENDi mobile has added new products and plans to benefit its customers. Apart from providing a better understanding of the new and existing products, the FRiENDi dealer meet provides the necessary training to remain focused on building successful and supportive customer relationships. We hope that this partnership would become even closer and more sustainable and result in greater success in the coming years," he added.

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