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November 20, 2017

FRiENDi mobile Offers Seamless Data Roaming Across the World

FRiENDi mobile has widened its horizon by providing data roaming services to over 90 destinations across the globe.

Muscat, 20 November 2017: FRiENDi mobile understands the importance of being in touch with loved ones, whether in the country or abroad. For the very same reason, it has widened its horizon thereby providing data roaming services to over 90 destinations across the globe.

FRiENDi mobile customers can enjoy surfing the Internet, checking emails and keeping in touch with family and friends while on a holiday or a business trip abroad with the new data roaming service to over 90 destinations. While maintaining its seamless network wherever it goes, FRiENDi mobile also believes in utmost transparency to its customers. A complete list of all the 90 countries where the data roaming services are available as well as its corresponding rates can be found on online. To turn the data roaming service on, customers have to dial *133# or send the keyword as an SMS to the designated short code. To avoid any disparity, FRiENDi mobile also maintains a fixed rate for SMS. The SMS charges while on roaming are 31 Bz/SMS in GCC countries & 199 Bz/SMS for all other countries. To keep track of data, all usage is charged at 1KB increments. FRiENDi mobile advises its customers to place the mobile on flight mode and turn it back on to ensure the data roaming services have been turned on successfully.

The data roaming facility has been well-received by customers, especially those who frequently travel abroad. Whether for business or for leisure, the plan gives customers the liberty to continue their online activities at affordable rates. Whether it is downloading files, browsing the internet or simply sharing photos on social media, FRiENDi mobile offers the best rates and the same excellent coverage, even abroad.

“We are making FRiENDi mobile services even stronger than before with every passing day. Today, we can proudly say that FRiENDi Mobile offers data roaming to more than 90 destinations worldwide,” said Mr. Alex Bennett, CEO, FRiENDi mobile, Oman. “We are expanding our horizons, and at the same time, targeted at making things easier for our customers. Our goal remains the same – to provide the most outstanding service to our users.”

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