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January 9, 2017

FRiENDi mobile launches VoIP services

FRiENDi mobile launches its much awaited Authorized VoIP Services

Muscat, 09 January 2017: In line with the philosophy of putting customers above all else, FRiENDi mobile has announced the launch of its first voice over internet protocol (VoIP) service.

Users can enjoy a superior VoIP calling experience on FRiENDi mobile’s network by choosing from a range of new VoIP specific data packs. Getting in touch with near and dear ones has never been more convenient. FRiENDi mobile customers will now be able to enjoy high-quality VoIP services to as many as 209 countries across the globe. What’s more? The FRiENDi mobile VoIP service is free of the set-up or call connection charge hassles.

Although internet-based chat apps and messengers have gained popularity in recent years, voice calls continue to matter most when people want the real-time, interactive and instantly gratifying connection with their families, friends or colleagues. Unlike any unauthorized service provider, FRiENDi mobile’s network relies on a connection that is approved by TRA. This means that the network is free from voice lags and call drops. Available on Google Play, this new service can be downloaded via an application format too.

FRiENDi mobile customers will enjoy a superior VoIP calling experience by choosing from a range of new VoIP specific data packs which have the most competitive rates in the market. 4 attractive plans have been announced for 3 most popular destinations, India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. The 4 plans of 500 Bz, RO 1, RO 2 and RO 5, will allow customers the freedom of extended conversations with loved ones back home. With rates as low as 11 Bz per minute for India and Bangladesh and 17 Bz per minute for Pakistan, FRiENDi mobile makes VoIP calling as economical as ever. Known for its transparency, FRiENDi mobile also assures there would be no other charges in respective of VoIP calls.

“We realized the need for an authentic VoIP service in the country. The need to keep in touch with loved ones from all over the world is a need that is ever-growing. At FRiENDi mobile, we always strive to come up with new and innovative ways to better service our customers. The introduction of VoIP service is just what our customers wanted; the liberty to enjoy easy, uninterrupted and inexpensive calls to their loved ones,” said Alex Bennett, CEO, FRiENDi mobile. “Our mission of connecting hearts seems closer to fulfillment with every such milestone we cross” he added.

Understanding and reciprocating to the wants of their customers FRiENDi mobile’s new VoIP service is destined to be a major hit in the market.

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