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November 5, 2019

FRiENDi mobile launches mobile compatible easy Life Insurance Plans for the first time in Oman

A first in Oman, Mobile Life Insurance Plans as a service.

In a one-of-its-kind offering, and a first in Oman, FRiENDi mobile’s Life Insurance Plans makes it easier and simpler for its customers to enjoy the security of life and happiness.

As an expensive, complex and difficult proposition of traditional insurance plans, FRiENDi mobile overcomes these hurdles with its pioneering mobile delivered insurance approach. In an exclusive tie-up with a leading international insurance HDFC, represented by Orient in Oman, FRiENDi mobile has designed a simple, affordable and high-value insurance coverage plan for its customers.

Exclusive FRiENDi mobile Life Insurance cover is a thoughtful endeavour and reassurance towards the security of the customer’s families.  In the unlikely event of an accident resulting in disability or death, the customer’s families are covered to receive up to RO 4000 at only a cost of a 100 Bz premium per month.

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