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At FRiENDi mobile, we know that access to traditional insurance can be difficult because its costly, complex and difficult to pay for if you don’t have a bank account. FRiENDi mobile overcomes these hurdles with its pioneering mobile delivered insurance approach. Together with leading international insurance provider (Orient) we have designed a simple, affordable and high value cover for YOU AND YOUR FAMILY.

What are you waiting for?

Get covered with FRiENDi mobile Life Insurance, TODAY and feel secure that your family can receive up to RO 4000 in the event of an accident resulting in your disability or your death.

Stay a FRiENDi mobile customer and be covered from only 100 Bz per month.

Plan Price Insurance Coverage Validity Dial
Standard 100 Bz Monthly RO 2,000 30 Days *380*1#
Standard RO 1 Yearly RO 2,000 12 Months *380*1*12#
Premium 200 Bz Monthly RO 4,000 30 Days *380*2#
Premium RO 2 Yearly RO 4,000 12 Months *380*2*12#
  • Always keep the auto-renewal for your Insurance Plan ON, to make sure that your family's future is taken care of. To manage auto-renewal settings, dial *130*3#
  • For more questions about Life Insurance Plans click HERE
  • By subscribing to the above Life Insurance Plan, you accept the Terms & Conditions